We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Green Energy Mission Africa (GEMA)! We are honored to announce our partnership with the African Energy Forum as the Knowledge Partner for the highly anticipated Youth Energy Summit scheduled to take place in Nairobi in June 2023. This collaboration provides us with a unique opportunity to represent and champion the voices of African youth in the energy sector.

At GEMA, we recognize the immense potential that lies within the young minds of Africa. Their passion, creativity, and innovative spirit are invaluable assets in the global effort to drive sustainable energy solutions and combat climate change. This partnership with the African Energy Forum not only underscores our commitment to empowering young leaders but also opens doors to a platform where their ideas and visions can take center stage.

We extend our deepest gratitude to energynet for providing us with this opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy initiatives in Africa. This partnership is a testament to the shared vision of creating a greener, more sustainable future for our continent.

As we look forward to the Youth Energy Summit in Nairobi in June 2023, we are eager to engage with fellow participants, thought leaders, and stakeholders in meaningful discussions that will shape the trajectory of the energy sector in Africa.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration! Together, we are poised to make a significant impact in the journey towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient Africa.

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About Green Energy Mission Africa (GEM Africa):

Green Energy Mission Africa (GEM Africa) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering sustainable development, advocating for renewable energy, and addressing climate change challenges in Africa. GEM Africa collaborates with various stakeholders to create awareness, take action, and implement transformative projects that promote renewable energy adoption and climate resilience for a greener future.

About Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth (SSforGG):

Sustainable Solutions for Green Growth (SSforGG) is an organization committed to promoting sustainable development, environmental conservation, and green growth solutions. SSforGG works with partners and stakeholders to develop and implement projects that address environmental challenges while fostering economic growth and social equity.

Weblink: https://ssforgg.org/

About Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI):

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization that accelerates the clean energy transition and improves lives. RMI works with businesses, policymakers, communities, and other organizations to identify and scale energy system interventions that will cut greenhouse gas emissions and combat the climate crisis.

We link: https://rmi.org/

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